Malcomines Polo Ranch & Club X Outfitbuzz

Malcomines Polo Ranch  & Club X Outfitbuzz

Picture a renowned mining corporation boasting a prestigious polo ranch and club, collaborating with a high-end fashion brand to curate a collection that embodies sophistication and timeless style.

Malcomines Polo Ranch and Club in Jos, Plateau State, and Outfitbuzz is bringing a fantastic Collection of equestrian style and trendy outfits with a unique blend of sophistication and modern fashionThe collection is inspired by the mining industry and the timeless elegance of polo matches. Carefully designed and produced with durable materials, and tailored cuts to create pieces that embody both functionality and style.

The partnership, being facilitated by a close connection, a friend and brother Ibrahim Balarabe” adds a personal touch and a strong foundation for a truly unique collaboration. It's the kind of bond that infuses creativity and authenticity into every aspect of its venture!

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